Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My book post

Title: Uncharted Waters
By: Leslie Bulion
Number of pages: 185
Genre: Fiction


Main characters: Joshua,Jaye,Uncle Ned,and Jonah.

     Joshua and Jaye go to the summer camp where their uncle works. Since they had gone to the camp before, Jonah is one of their friends. Jonah had been on the swim team at the camp multiple times.Jaye an Joshua are encouraged by their uncle to join at least one club/team. Jaye wants to get on the swim team,but Joshua doesn't. He has to decide whether or not to keep his unrevealed secret or get into the water. While deciding to join or not, he tries to convince his uncle to let him join something else other than to join the team. Even tries to convince him to let him join arts and crafts instead. He definitely doesn't want anyone to find out his secret. Now currently, he is still trying to get out of joining the team and is trying to convince his uncle,his sister, and one of his best friends.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

About me


My activities are: Hanging out with my friends, hanging out with my family too, watching Netflix, listening to music,going outside/to the park across my street, and watching YouTube videos with my brother.

Favorites: My favorite book would have to be "The Fault In Our Stars." My favorite movie would have to be Mean girls and my favorite type of music would have to be, anything on the radio basically. Turtles and a dogs are my favorite animal. Blue,white, and black would have to be my favorite colors.