Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Blog #8

Narrator/Point of view: Jonah is the  narrator and he is telling his own story in 1st person. Throughout the entire novel, he continues talking using "I" "Me" "Mine" "My" so on so forth.

Mood: The emotions I felt while reading the book were, suspiciousness and anxiousness. The story made me feel like that because the actions Jonah made got me thinking about how they would help his situation, suspicious about why he wanted to help Sumi (College girl) all of a sudden & I was anxious to figure out what happened after he was stung by the jellyfish.

Tone: The author's tone while writing the book seemed to be anxious you can say. There were many exciting/and/or action packed events in parts of the story that may have caused them to become anxious while writing or even thinking about what to write also. The authors opinion in the book could be that it is riveting, intriguing etc. They may not think that just because THEY wrote the book, but based off of the events from a reader's point of view also.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Blog post #7

I can compare the book to my life. I was at a summer camp just like Jonah. I was put into a separate room than my brother. Like Jay I decided that I didn't want to do what everyone else was doing so I decided to leave the program during the day to do something else. There was an incident at my summer camp like  there was one that happened in the book too. In the book Jonah gets stung by a jellyfish. I got glitter all over me, which ended up getting into my eye. It was painful in the book and in personal experience also.

Monday, March 20, 2017


1.) Pavilion pg 28
A building or similar structure used for a specific purpose or an event

2.) Undulate pg 109
Something that moves in a slow wavelike motion

3.) Davit pg 104
A small crane on board of a ship

4.) Conjure pg 1
To do something

5.) Ominous  pg 3
Giving the impression that something bad/implement is going to happen

Friday, March 10, 2017

Illustration 1

This image comes to mind when reading the book because Sumi and Jonah always go into the water to net things out,and that's their job. This comes to mind because, although they are fishing things out there are jellyfish in the water and Jonah is actually afraid of them because of a previous incident.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Blog post #4

"Two years ago Jonah and his family had spent winter break at the ski resort his uncle managed. He'd taught them all to ski, but the best part was when he'd shown them over and over again, the "right" way to fall. By the end of his demonstration, Uncle Nate's hair, eyebrows, shoulders, and every other body part had been coated in snow. He'd even had snow in his mouth. Jonah still laughed every time he remembered it." page 2.

I chose this paragraph/section because in the book their Uncle Nate is very fun to people/and characters. That is the very first section of the book that mentions a fun and or good memory. A memory that his niece (Jaye) and his nephew (Jonah) have experienced with him. I chose this section too because Jonah really loves that memory and he doesn't forget it. Plus it gives him a laugh every time he thinks about it.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blog Post #3

1.) Who is the new character?
2.) Did Jaye quit the swim team?
3.) When will Uncle Nate finish his novel/book?
4.) I wonder if Jonah will ever get into the water
5.) How long are the kids going to be at the summer camp?

My books post

Title: Uncharted Waters
By: Leslie Bulion
Number of pages: 185
Genre: Fiction


Main characters: Joshua,Jaye,Uncle Ned,and Jonah.

In the book so far, Joshua and his little sister Jaye are staying at the summer camp where their Uncle Nate works.