Friday, February 24, 2017

Blog post #4

"Two years ago Jonah and his family had spent winter break at the ski resort his uncle managed. He'd taught them all to ski, but the best part was when he'd shown them over and over again, the "right" way to fall. By the end of his demonstration, Uncle Nate's hair, eyebrows, shoulders, and every other body part had been coated in snow. He'd even had snow in his mouth. Jonah still laughed every time he remembered it." page 2.

I chose this paragraph/section because in the book their Uncle Nate is very fun to people/and characters. That is the very first section of the book that mentions a fun and or good memory. A memory that his niece (Jaye) and his nephew (Jonah) have experienced with him. I chose this section too because Jonah really loves that memory and he doesn't forget it. Plus it gives him a laugh every time he thinks about it.

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