Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Blog #8

Narrator/Point of view: Jonah is the  narrator and he is telling his own story in 1st person. Throughout the entire novel, he continues talking using "I" "Me" "Mine" "My" so on so forth.

Mood: The emotions I felt while reading the book were, suspiciousness and anxiousness. The story made me feel like that because the actions Jonah made got me thinking about how they would help his situation, suspicious about why he wanted to help Sumi (College girl) all of a sudden & I was anxious to figure out what happened after he was stung by the jellyfish.

Tone: The author's tone while writing the book seemed to be anxious you can say. There were many exciting/and/or action packed events in parts of the story that may have caused them to become anxious while writing or even thinking about what to write also. The authors opinion in the book could be that it is riveting, intriguing etc. They may not think that just because THEY wrote the book, but based off of the events from a reader's point of view also.

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